"How is “identity art” public. Is it you or your “identity?” My problem is that, if this art is eccentrically you, it is as complex and unavailable as a poem. I can live with this. But if your “identity art” is generalized to fit your “identity group,” it is popular art. Example: Over the length of my writing life, I have written poems and pop songs. The difference? When I write a poem, the presiding consciousness is eccentrically Dave. When I write a song the presiding consciousness is the Dave who shares traits with others. Want a date! Feels put down! Totally in love! Like that. My point: identity art can only serve identity groups as a pop song does, which ain’t art."
Dave Hickey

Hire a bike and get out to Potsdam  so pretty!!! Also, the Berlin Philharmoniker do free lunchtime concerts on Tuesdays which are superb!

Kreuzberg is ace- das gift is there for some Mogwai malt. East side gallery is free and well worth a look. TV tower gives you a birds eye view. 

Go and see the house in no man’s land! 

Food: There is a real down-homey brewery in the now-very-fancy Rosa Luxumburg Platz called Marcus Brau. It’s like eating in someone’s German grandparents’ living room and they brew their own beer. So worth it. There’s TONS of good Vietnamese restaurants, especially in KBerg; Kebabs are everywhere, cheap and magical and you should eat them for the other two meals of the day. KBerg is good for food but if you really want choice go to Friedrichshain where every second doorway is a restaurant.

The wall memorial (near Brunnenstraße) is awesome, markets on the weekend are great (Mauer Park and Boxhagenerplatz are the reliable ones), if you want to stay away from tourists don’t even bother with the centre of the city. The Stasi museum in FShain is awesome/terrifying and in the original Stasi offices. If you want a terrifying tour go on the Berliner Unterwelt tour of the nuclear bunker built into a UBahn station; probably the most amazing thing I did in all the years we lived there.

"I thought about fear and distaste, about how many things I now avoided, and about how many of the avoidances that over time had shaped my personality were now more or less forgotten, so my personality and habits simply felt self-evident to me, just the way things had always been. But they hadn’t always been exactly like this. There was an earlier fear or bad experience at the heart of each avoidance, a fear or bad experience I mostly no longer thought about. How does this contradict or not contradict my feeling that as soon as things are one way it opens up the possibility that they could also be otherwise?"
poached off fb
"I love the dark hours of my being.
My mind deepens into them.
There I can find, as in old letters,
the days of my life, already lived,
and held like a legend, and understood."
"I remember traveling across north india on trains in 1985-1986. at each station, wallah’s would sell little clay cups of tea. When you were done you’d throw the clay cups unto the railway platform where they would smash. At end of day, the clay bits would be swept up, pulverized, dissolved in water, and new clay cups fired in dung fueled kilns for the next day. I still marvel at how it created jobs, was organic, recycled clay and dung, and was actually very sanitary."
Steven H
"my job on earth is to tear things down, not build them up and certainly not to maintain the status quo."
"guide, exhort, reassure, console, inspire and censure"